social-mediaWe get this question all the time and there is no exact answer we can give. What we can tell you is it depends on your business or non profit. We can also tell you that you can’t be on all of them. This is important to know because what could work for one type business may not work for another. For instance with the emergence of Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat many businesses want to figure out how to capitalize on these platforms. But since these platforms are image based it’s not for everyone. If you are a flower shop and take pictures regularly these platforms could go a long way for you. But if you are a plumbing business you won’t get the best bang for your buck on any of these platforms.

We always tell clients that using social media shouldn’t cause anxiety but many people try to do too much. We suggest sticking with trying one at a time. Facebook is still a great social media platform to use along with Twitter. But you need to learn some strategies behind them to help make your marketing successful. After getting a good grip on these try moving on to another one. Give each one a fair shake.

As always if you do need help feel free to contact us. We love talking about this stuff!

Mark Stevanus
Social Boss Founder