logoThe Hagerstown – Washington County Chamber of Commerce is an important organization to help businesses flourish. We recently sat down with Tim Luipersbeck, Director of Member Services, and talked some social media. As the Director of Member Services, Tim is responsible for directing the Chamber’s marketing, communications, and supporting membership retention efforts. Here’s what Tim had to say about using social media at the Hagerstown Chamber:

How has social media impacted your organization?

Social media has proven to be a great way to bring exposure; not only to ourselves here at The Chamber, but also to our members. We have nearly 600 active members, and making sure that the needs of Washington County business owners are met can be a daunting task for a Communications office of one. Not only do we embrace the duties of creating community awareness of our members, but we also jump on board to help them utilize social media (as well as email communication) for promoting particular initiatives they may have. I think that social media has been a complete game-changer for all Chambers across the country. Our ability to pinpoint demographics, and determine engagement rates has never been more precise, and moving forward, I can only see it improving our overall impact on the business community.

How do you find the time to maintain a successful social media campaign?

For me, it’s all about immediacy. If an email promotion needs to be scheduled, if a tweet or a post needs to be published, it has to happen while it’s fresh on my mind. The danger of falling into procrastination mode is 10x more treacherous when you’re dealing with so many different platforms of social media. The upside? Those interacting with us through social media have been conditioned to expect an immediate response anyways. The better response time we can offer them, the happier the member.

What advice do you have for an organization that is just getting started with their social media?

Form a plan. Social media may feel like a promotional platform where you can cram in as much information as possible, all at once.  But it’s just not effective – and frankly, renders it a useless tool.  A few posts of relatable content spaced throughout the day, along with a few upcoming event promotions or news about your company, is much more effective than seeing six posts within an hour, and then nothing for another day or so. Also, don’t shy away from negative responses you may get via social media. No one business has 100% customer satisfaction, and for a disgruntled, or dissatisfied consumer, social media is a very viable and non-confrontational medium for them to speak to you through. Determining the fair response, and replying to them, is much more respectable than ignoring or deleting a negative post. Willingness to acknowledge and respect a negative opinion is an asset to any business’s social media presence.

We want to thank Tim and The Hagerstown – Washington County Chamber of Commerce for all they do to help businesses! For more information about the Hagerstown Chamber visit their site at www.Hagerstown.org

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