FRM Logo CMYKFor this edition of Take 3 With Social Boss we sat down with the incredible staff of The Frederick Rescue Mission! The Frederick Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered ministry providing residential recovery programs to the homeless or chemically addicted, food to the hungry, clothing and furniture to the needy, and connection within our community through relationships. This what they had to say about the importance of social media:

How has social media impacted your organization?

Social media has created an ideal venue to interact with our community on a more regular and personal level. We’re able to share stories and needs as they happen, and it keeps those we support, as well as those we serve, in the know as to how we’re making an impact in the community. It’s also a great way to recognize the people who give and do so much to help those we serve!

How do you find the time to maintain a successful social media campaign?

We’ve been blessed to have a full-time staff person in the area of Public Relations, who keeps social media as a top priority (among the many others!). The ROI for having someone in this position is invaluable. It really is about making the time and changing our mindset to—“When something great happens, we need to share about it first thing!”

What advice do you have for an organization that is just getting started with their social media?

Start small and manageable; make it a priority to post once daily. Do research on similar organizations who are successful on social media (have a large following and much interaction), and copy some of their strategies for posts. Use positive, active language in your posts. Don’t have something news-worthy to post? Share an article, a YouTube video, a quote—something inspirational that lines up somehow with your mission, and have some of these as backup when “news” is slow.

We want to thank everyone at The Frederick Rescue Mission for all they do in the community and the positive changes they bring! For more information about The Frederick Rescue Mission visit their site at

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