What is Take 3 With Social Boss? So glad you asked. We want to highlight organizations that are using their social media to the fullest but we also wanted to get their input on how social media has helped them. So we are asking organizations three questions about their social media. For our first installment we sat down with the good people at Keller Stonebraker Insurance in Frederick, MD. This is what they had to say:




Keller Stonebraker Insurance is one of the area’s largest and most resourceful insurance agencies. By combining our experience with customer-centered service, we deliver comprehensive insurance plans tailored to our customers’ business and personal needs, and strive to make the communities we serve a better place.

How has social media impacted your organization?

It’s put us in front of our industry. Insurance is traditionally conservative and slow to move on something that may be considered new and risky. We have connected with potential customers and it gives another way to service our customers and get leads.

How do you find the time to maintain a successful social media campaign?

It’s hard, we have someone internally that has taken on the job but this is in addition to what they already do. It has become a full time job so we may have to hire someone down the road. If done correctly, social media is a animal all it’s own so you need someone to control the beast.

What advice do you have for organizations that will help their social media?

Pick the platform that works for you, we found most of our customer base is on Facebook and LinkedIn so that’s what we are focusing on. We also included Twitter to reach out to a younger audience and future customers. Once you’ve selected your platforms, don’t be afraid to dive in. Also, attend social media seminars to learn what to do. We went to classes for a year before we jumped in.

We want to thank Keller Stonebraker Insurance for their input and we hope you found it useful. If you’re not sure where to start with your social media contact us today to see how we can help!