soft-side-logo-editThis weeks edition of Take 3 we talked to Show Your Soft Side who is an outstanding nonprofit who has a public service campaign that was created to change the mindset of young people who all-too-often view the maiming and torturing of defenseless cats and dogs as a sign of “toughness” or “manhood.” The campaign’s message that compassion towards animals is a sign of strength, not weakness, is one that, overnight, struck a nerve with old and young alike. Today, Show Your Soft Side, Inc. uses its reach and resources to generate awareness, funding and adoptions for shelters and rescues across the country and around the world. Here is what they had to say about using social media to build their campaign:

How has social media impacted your organization?

Social media is the sole reason we are an organization – without it, we would have just been a few posters in Baltimore City schools.  Early on, at the urging of our friends at Media Works, we set up a Facebook page.

We didn’t have any idea what to expect, but within a few months we were suddenly reaching people not only across the country, but around the world.  For the first few years, our Facebook page actually functioned as our web site – it’s still the primary place for us to introduce new Softies, as well as promote programs and issues that we’re involved in.  Today, we have expanded our social marketing efforts to include Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but Facebook remains our primary communications medium.

How do you find the time to maintain a successful social media campaign?

There are times when it does become overwhelming, but the longer you do it, the more it becomes second nature.  There are two of us that administer our pages real time, but we’re also able to plan and schedule posts through Social Boss so we don’t have to be consistently tied to our laptops or phones.

What advice do you have for an organization that is just getting started with their social media?

Running a successful social media campaign isn’t just about communicating your product or cause, it’s also about networking.  I think many believe that if you post, people will come.  That’s not true, you also have to find and share like-minded organizations – that’s how you build a bigger base and develop partnerships well beyond your geographic area.  Because of our social marketing efforts, we now relationships with shelters and rescues across the country, as well as media partners who help spread the word when we introduce a new Softie or story.

We want to thank the amazing people at Show Your Soft Side for working with us and all they do! For more information about Show Your Soft Side visit their site at

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