For this edition of Take 3 With Social Boss we talked to Dr. Mimi McLaughlin of McLaughlin Family Chiropractic in Frederick, MD about their take on social media.

McLaughlin Family Chiropractic
McLaughlin Family Chiropractic is dedicated to our philosophy of Holistic Chiropractic Care.  We empower individuals to realize a healthier lifestyle through chiropractic.  Dr. Mimi McLaughlin has served the Frederick, Maryland community since 1995. She has been blessed to enable life-changing healthcare for thousands of individuals, children and seniors over the last 20 years.  Dr. Mimi has learned first-hand through her own medical experiences the benefits of chiropractic care.

How has social media impacted your organization?

Social media has made it easier to get information out more quickly and to a greater number of people.

How do you find the time to maintain a successful social media campaign?

We find it’s important to schedule time each week to invest in our social media, in part thanks to the suggestion of the good people at Social Boss!

What advice do you have for organizations that will help their social media?

We find that taking the time regularly to encourage peoples participation helps as well as learning and being observant of what others are doing also in social media.

We want to thank McLaughlin Family Chiropractic for their input on social media. For more information about visit their site at www.dr-mimi.com

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