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#10 Reasons

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  • 1.) You’ll become more familiar and recognizable to your customers
  • 2.) Experience a significant increase in customer loyalty
  • 3.) Increase your conversions and grow your customer base
  • 4.) Get to know your customers on a more personal level with valuable insights
  • 5.) Create an exceptional customer experience from the beginning
  • 6.) Improve your search engine rankings
  • 7.) Cut down on the time and costs of running an effective marketing campaign
  • 8.) Interact with major influencers to grow your reach
  • 9.) Build a following around your company and your products/services.
  • 10.) Increase the the number of visitors your site sees on a daily basis.

79% of SMBs say that industry specific news and articles are the most valuable pieces of content they look for on social media, followed by client reviews and testimonials.

- Hubspot, 2014