instagramlogoLast week, Instagram announced what we’ve all been waiting for – users can now switch back and forth between their different accounts without signing off, causing all of us at Social Boss to officially say, “Instagram is Rocking the World”. They are allowing users to have up to five accounts which they can now easily switch to without the incredible hassle of having to login, out and back in each time. Not only is this a time-saver, but also it just makes being an Instagram user that much easier and beneficial. Companies, bloggers, businesses, along with personal account holders can all be more productive with their Instagram use.

Founded in 2010, the now Facebook owned company has revolutionized the social media game – and I’ll tell you why. Instagram is a mobile photo and video sharing app for smartphones. You can easily turn a photo from your phone into a captivating image to share with your selected friends or the world if you choose. By using the various filters and tools offered on the app, you can easily tweak your photo however you desire – and suddenly you have an interesting way to connect with others with minimal effort. Comparatively it’s easy, but Instagram offers a unique kind of intimacy for its users. While some feel overwhelmed by the intensity of Facebook and the immense amount of personal over-shares (we’ll refer to them as), Instagram offers a look into one’s life in a way that’s well, less annoying.

Let’s be honest, part of the reason Instagram has risen to social media rock stardom is because it appeals to our society’s need for a quick “visual fix” – and because Instagram allows us to make the ordinary interesting, it appeals to us and actually causes us to take more time to look at a picture on-line more than we normally would. We may scroll through Facebook at a fast pace, but we tend to take our time more with Instagram and really take in what we see on people’s posts. Other outlets have so much going on. Instagram is direct and made for the one device we all couldn’t imagine our lives without – our smartphone. The device that schedules our life, assists to maintain our daily order through email and news updates, traffic reports and weather conditions – and it now makes us the photographer we never imagined we could be.

Instagram has turned the individual into a micro blogger. In a creative way, we can share the food we eat, the places we visit, our new hairstyle, the rock bands we are seeing (just hit them up with a hashtag…#Metallica) and more in a subtle and fun way. But that’s not even close to what it does – it’s just the beginning. Instagram has become the new wave in product branding and commercial campaigning. Marketing and e-commerce are seeing a brand new opportunity through Instagram. It’s a hip way to market yourself, your brand, your company, your business, your blog, or your charity. By adding #hashtags (like #LikeABoss and #RockOn) you can increase your reach and easily find what photos you are interested in seeing on Instagram. Charities have found huge success through Instagram by using people’s desire to post pictures requested of them to benefit a cause.

So the bottom line is if you don’t have an Instagram account, give it a try. If you are wondering if your business should be on Instagram we say hell yeah! And if you already do, don’t underestimate its potential. We’ll definitely be there to follow Instagram into the exciting future it holds, allowing its users to showcase their passions through whatever filter they choose.

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Keep rocking it rock stars! #LikeABoss #RockOn

Mark Stevanus
Founder of Social Boss

Mark Stevanus is owner/founder of Social Boss, a Frederick-based social media management company that works with businesses and nonprofits to develop strategies for their social media marketing.