keep-calm-and-be-a-rockstar-21Okay, I know what you’re thinking…you can’t play an instrument and your vocals are a little rusty. Perhaps your thought process may be that you’re a little too old to get in the game of rock stardom. Fortunately for you, when we say be a “Rock Star” in the New Year, we are not asking you to form the new Aerosmith with your office buddies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your inner Janis Joplin once in a while. We understand the trend of setting resolutions is fleeting – instead making a stand and declaring your resolution will be to stop making resolutions all together. But come on…live a little. Doesn’t the appeal of living like a rock star have even the slightest lure?

We think so. Because lets face it, a new year keeps coming, change is inevitable, and the attitude you bring to each day can make it or shatter it into a million pieces. So after years and years… and years (we’re talking AC/DC people) of experience in the business world, we have proven that only a few things will get you to where you want to be in any year, at any time, and in any place. Living like a rock star, simply put, is having the mentality that life is what you make of it. The way you communicate with people, the way you run your business, and yes – how loud you blare “Bohemian Rhapsody” in your car when you’re alone (you know it’s true). You have to understand friends, that we use this mantra quite often, in fact, it’s the vision we cling to when the stress of the every day sets in.

Why does “Welcome to the Jungle” blast through the speakers when you’re sitting in the bleachers at a football game. Perhaps it’s because it pumps us up when the Eagles take the field (don’t judge…there’s another lesson for you). Why is it that “Sweet Home Alabama” will most definitely be played before you exit a bar? It’s a mentality people. We all cannot be literal rock stars – our livers and productivity would probably shut down…but it’s the attitude we live by that makes us who we are, and we can become unforgettable. The simple notion that you can be whatever you envision you are. That is real. It’s the fact that each day you make a choice to put everything into what you do or sit back on the sidelines eating hotdogs and drinking beer (okay…that doesn’t sound so terrible). It’s our promise to you that you can rock each day as if what you put into this world will affects millions.

So let’s not call it a resolution. Let’s just call it what it is. When you make brave choices, when you put all of you into what you love and what you believe in – you are a rock star. You are causing a change within your self, within your customers, and within your community. You are living life to it’s fullest. You are making the best of each day in this New Year that brings so much promise and hope. Some days we all feel like we’re “Free Fallin’”. We all can relate to the stress and the unexpected twists, turns, and distractions. We do know one thing for sure – that being a Rock Star attracts other Rock Stars, and that’s why you have to Rock your social media! That’s how you achieve the audience, that’s how you make others believe, how you spread your message, and rock the New Year.

Would it be too cliché to add, “Don’t Stop Believin’”? Are you thinking, “Dream On”? Or have we subliminally just set your next playlist for when you drive like a “Bat Out Of Hell” to the grocery store for hotdogs and beer?

Happy New Year! #LikeABoss #RockOn

Mark Stevanus
Founder of Social Boss

Mark Stevanus is owner/founder of Social Boss, a Frederick-based social media management company that works with businesses and nonprofits to develop strategies for their social media marketing.