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Automatic blog post…I don’t like like them. Find out why in this version of #LikeABoss!

Automatic blog post. What do I mean by that? What I’m talking about automatic blog post is this is that a lot of websites are set up that when you create a blog and you hit publish it will automatically send out to all your social media. And I understand why and yes it saves you time. I get that. But I’m not a fan of it and I know a lot of web developers will argue with me on this.

Here’s a reason why I don’t like it. When it posts automatically you don’t have really control what you wanted to say social media is all about content. Social media engagement. A lot of people ask us how do I get that engagement. But when you put his blog posts out there and it just says something like a “hey new blog post” or the title of your blog or whatever that’s not
serving you anything. People are gonna fly right pass that in social media and you don’t want that. What you want is to craft a nice message about all your your post that you’re doing even if it is about your blog. And you’re missing a golden opportunity by posting automatically. What I mean by that is this if you write a nice blog you can take snippets of that blog and you can use it throughout your social media for weeks. Probably two to three weeks in just craft different messages and drive everyone back to your blog. Drive them to your website that’s what you want to do. So if you have it set up as automatic blog post go and take a look at your social media what it looks like in Facebook in Twitter those programs see what they’re supposed to look like. Would you read that if it was someone else’s post? Is it effective? And if it isn’t you just answered your own question that you shouldn’t be doing it.

That’s my two cents. If you have questions about strategies and social media anything like that we love this stuff. Get in touch with us and will help you become a social media rock star that you want to be!