Please Note: I should have went into more detail about how Facebook Live notifies your followers. For business pages tell people to hit the Subscribe button. For your personal pages it will notify your friends automatically. And as always you can contact us for help.

We put some information out about Facebook Live and we have been getting a lot of questions about it and what we want to talk about is this first of all business you should be using Facebook Live. It is going to be the next big thing. A lot of people always ask us what is the next big thing and I’m telling your Facebook Live is. It’s a great opportunity to get information out about your business.

One important thing that happens is you you go to your business page you set up Facebook Live you set up a post you type in what you want the post to say and then you have the Facebook Live icon. But the great thing that happens in this is that Facebook then pings everyone all your followers all the people there following your page your business page will be notified that you are now live your business live. And that goes along because it gives that notification. If you take the example of say something like a real estate agent. This is perfect for real estate agents. You can do like say a virtual open house. And what I mean by that is go to one of the homes you are selling and set up Facebook  Live walk through the house and you can talk about the kitchen you talk about the living room bedroom things like that and its live. The great thing is at that point then people can ask questions you’ll see questions come up on your screen and you can answer them right away. It’s such a great tool to be able to do that.

The next great thing is that you’re hitting your target audience because basically it is notifying your audience that your live. So I give example real estate but you can also use it in other things too. We just had an event over weekend that we used it and it was just to notify a lot of people things going on worked out great we have to some events coming up next couple weekends were going to be using Facebook Live. Just just a fantastic way to get information out there.

So I advise heavily if your business especially in real estate agents please use Facebook Live. Try it out. If you have any issues you have any questions you can always notify us. We will be glad to help you with these strategies. So go out become that social media rock star that you want to become. Now’s the time!