7756b340991361877c92b0cdb54c0646For this edition of Take 3 With Social Boss we talked to Cathie Cain certified Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist in Frederick, MD about her take on social media. As a certified Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cathie Cain, CHt, Director of Key Point Hypnosis, uses hypnosis to safely, gently, & ethically work with your conscious & subconscious minds to help you resolve the unwanted habits or behaviors that block success & well-being. Cathie has studied and practiced the art of hypnosis for  over 25 years, and received her state and national certification as a professional Hypnotherapist in 2008. Cathie’s hypnosis practice at Key Point Hypnosis is based on a strong foundation of integrity, trust, and a sincere concern for helping her clients tap into their own innate ability for improving the quality of their lives.

How has social media impacted your organization?

I have more personal exposure, meaning people get to know me and what I’m all about…plus Soc. Med. is an opportunity to demonstrate expertise in my field in an entertaining and educational way.

How do you find the time to maintain a successful social media campaign?

Sometimes I don’t…it’s sporadic but developing a strategy and also a calendar helps in achieving better results.

What advice do you have for organizations that will help their social media?

The busier I get the more important it is to hire a professional. Social media is a major component of marketing and I would rather let professionals handle this for me.

We want to thank Cathie for her input on social media. For more information about visit their site at www.youholdthekey.net

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